And we’re back!

It has been far too long, but I’m returning to this blog and my fitness journey. A lot of things came up in my life that made me lose track of eating right and exercising diligently, but now that those things are passed, it’s time. 

If all goes well, I will post daily summaries of my nutrition and work outs, hopefully keeping myself accountable. If you’ve found yourself losing track, jump back on the train with me! Let’s do this together!

Current weight: 152 ibs

Goal weight: 130 lbs

Method: Safely lose weight and gain muscle through portion control, semi-strict paleo diet (adding some dairy and brown rice post workouts), and exercising 5 days a week. 

Tracking: Weight check every Friday morning, pics of healthy and delicious food ideas, and motivational tips!

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  • No Male Ever: Yeah I really like her but she doesn't have a thigh gap

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    Building a Balanced Breakfast

    Breakfast should provide at least one quarter of the calories you need for the entire day. Most nutritionists agree that a good breakfast contains the following ingredients:

    • At least one serving of  fiber
    • At least one fruit and/or vegetable
    • Milk or another source of calcium
    • Protein, i.e., from meat, cheese or eggs
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